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Welcome to Mike Fingers 9-Ball
Hello, I'm MIKE FINGERS!!!
I started this website as a way for my family and friends to keep track of my tournament results! Since I started playing in Pro events, everybody keeps asking me how I did at my last event! So instead of repeating myself over and over again, I started the site as a way for people to find out for themselves how things are going! I hope to make the site as interesting as possible so everybody keeps coming back again and again! I included my tournament results and stories of great wins, and hard losses!! I also added links to other great websites, and information about giving lessons!
Ultimately my goal is to win a Pro event, but I know that journey will be long and hard fought! I am determined to follow this path to completion! So check back in on me from time to time and see how I am doing!!! [click here to read my bio...]
Fingers Pool Tip
Never let your focus and concentration be distracted by something that is happening off the table!!! Talking, hand waving, loud noises, picture taking, etc, all can be distractions, if you let them!! Keeping your mind only on what's happening between the rails will keep you from losing more games and it will help you win more matches!!!
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